Holyway Schools comprises of a Pre-School, Primary and Secondary section. Our primary obligation is to groom the pupils physically and mentally to match their mates wherever they may find themselves. Our kids are upskilled and capable of taking on challenges.  We take great pride in our well-structured curriculum, imbibing in them great knowledge and we achieve this with the assistance of our trained and qualified teacher and their peaked interests in their pupils.

Enrol your child with us today, you’ll be glad you did.

The Pre- School curriculum is supportive, rigorous, and developmentally appropriate. Teachers set the foundation for academic and personal success by helping kids develop both a deep knowledge base and healthy social and emotional growth.

They individualize teaching, using a combination of direct instruction, independent practice, hands-on learning to ensure each kid intellectual growth and reasoning.

The Primary School builds upon the foundation established in the Pre-School by continuing to promote the academic, social, and emotional development of its pupils. Pupils move from a single-teacher classroom structure to a multi-classroom, multi-teacher model. As students grow into early adolescence, they learn skills to progress from concrete to analytical thinkers.

Teachers encourage students to think abstractly and develop excellent communication skills with hands-on projects, open-ended questions, and challenging problems.

The Secondary School builds on the skills and knowledge taught in the Pre-School and Primary Schools, including discipline, curiosity, and the value of the life of the mind.

Students take academically challenging courses and engage in co-curricular opportunities that develop discerning minds and exceptional character.

Academically enthusiastic, principled and vibrant, Holyway graduates bring their love of learning and personal integrity to higher institution and their workplaces.


SCHOOL 1- Plot 6, Ogundimu Str., Off Wura-Ola Str., Captain House, Olota Abule Egba, Lagos State.

SCHOOL 2- 26/27, Seidu Okeleji Str., Alaro, Meiran, LGA, Lagos State.

08103681303, 07011678839